Honi soit qui mal y pense (shamed be who thinks evil of it)
The motto of the Most Noble Order of the Garter (*)

On this page I display some of the most beautiful nude paintings that I keep in my Arts on Stamps collection. Because this page is very often visited, the models have become quite sensitive to the touch of the mouse pointer. Therefore I ask all visitors to abstain from this condemnable practice.




But what is actually a nude? Nude \n(y)üd\ adj: bare, naked, unclothed. Nude n: a nude human figure especially as depicted in art (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). OK, we understand  now better why are we fascinated by all these paintings. 

Notice for the well-disciplined persons: I suggest you to jump to the top of the page and to "dare" to touch each image with the mouse pointer. You will be informed about the name of the painter, the name of the work of art and even about more than you think...

My comments:

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Link: Nudes by Renoir

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