Auguste Renoir


Il n'y a qu'une chose qui intéresse l'homme,  c'est la femme. 

Renoir was noted for his radiant, intimate paintings, particularly of the female nude. 

Equatorial Guinea, 1973. Nude Guinea Equatorial, 1973. Renoir. Bather at Sea" Equatorial Guinea, 1973. Bather

In the domain of the form he inaugurated a type of feminine beauty that was entirely original, fresh, delicious, with round and golden shapes, emanating from a world of temptation.

Ajman, 1971. Renoir, Nudes. Mi. 853-858. The Bather, Anna, Naked Woman Reposing, Bather on a Rock, Nude in a Armchair, Bather Standing Ajman, 1971. Renoir, The Bather. Mi. 859.

This revelation disconcerted a long time his contemporaries, before it started to delight them.

Equatorial Guinea, 1973. Dede. Guinea Equatorial, 1973. Renoir. The Great Bathers Guinea Equatorial, 1973. Renoir. Bather on a Rock

In the meantime the renown page of Marcel Proust became widely known: "Des femmes passent dans la rue, différentes de celles d'autrefois, puisque ce sont des Renoir, ces Renoir où nous nous refusions jadis à voir des femmes.

Equatorial Guinea, 1973. Nude Romania, 1973. Renoir, Women Taking Bath. Sc. 2474. Romania, 1971. Renoir, Nude in Landscape. Sc. 2259. Equatorial Guinea, 1973. Young Bather

"Women go across the streets, different from those in former days, while they are of Renoir, those Renoir who we refused previously to see as women."

Background: The Seine at Asnières (La Yole), The National Gallery, London, Great Britain.

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