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>Wanted to buy German Hitler heads by the pound.

As far as I know, the guy had only one head which was destroyed during his suicide. I've heard however that the Russians still posses his teeth in an archive. Because the Russian economy is not that healthy at the moment it is possible that the Russian government is willing to sell them. Contact their embassy for this. From RCS.

john w. wrote: I think there'd be just as many questions about how much Hitler Heads must be worth!
W. Woodpecker (i.e. V.M.) answered: A bbbbbbbbbbbbbullet each, eventually. From RCSD. 12/10/99

Arlene  wrote: Congratulations to the people of Nunuvit, the third Canadian territory that officially came into existence today... It's not everyday that a new territory is created, and I think it is something to celebrate the peaceful and democratic process that went into it's creation.
V.M. answered: Congratulation to NUNAVUT and to all Canadians for the new territory! There is a hope that the new territory will sell enough stamps to somehow reduce the economic support (over 80%) it needed till now and collected from the whole country through a peaceful and democratic process named taxation. Posted the 4/2/99 on rec.collecting.stamps.discuss

hj58 wrote in the Subject line: I can collect Mainland China's stamps for you.
V.M. answered: Happy collecting! Eventually you can later sell them for us and send us a check. From RCSD. 12/15/99

> Anyone  know the most expensive stamps on Earth ?  If anyone  have it figure, please post it or send email to me. I will appreciate a lot. Thank you .
R.W. answered: The 32 stamp I use to mail in my income tax forms!  From the RCS.

LK wrote: what does xf mean?
Paul answered: in the laws of relativity and probability, discounting of course, the dysfunctional processes of  Murphyism, the most likely probability is that xf is related inversely to fx. However, the real question that demands thorough examination is the linneation and proportionalisation.  Naturally this opens up a whole new area of debate for scholars and the uninformed. So, for the simplification and streamline decision making in relative uniformity to reach a high degree of unanimity in the philatelic fraternal sphere, many choose to use the term extra fine! This is supposed to allure to the extremely high quality of the said specimen and accompanying moderately inflated price. I hope that this concisely answers your question in far more detail than you ever imagined. From RCSD.

Still Beating the Dead Horse

  • By Martin J. Frankevicz

As of August 1998, the United Nations Offices in Geneva was still selling a 30c definitive stamps that was issued in 1982. There's nothing odd about selling definitives for a long time. However, that stamp is an anti-apartheid issue. Let us recap, for those unaware, the current status of apartheid, the legal segregation of the races which, at the stamp was issued, was practiced only in South Africa. Four years after Nelson Mandela, a black, was inaugurated as president of South Africa following an historic election in which all races could vote. Apartheid is dead and unlikely to be revived without something short of a nuclear conflagration. Nonetheless, it is encouraging that the ever-vigilant United Nation is still fighting the good fight. (From Scott Stamp Monthly, November 1998.)

  • By Victor Manta

Oh, oh, set Mandela free (by and with Simply Minds :). A  tune, listened on the radio. Was the President's job too heavy for Mr. Mandela?

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