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Free Database Download

To download aDatabase and Inventory List "Paintings and Arts on Stamps" please choose the link placed on the left: Free Database. Over about 80% of all Paintings on Stamps worldwide are already listed. For more information please feel free to contact me by e-mail, by clicking this field  (eliminate the spaam from the address).

Free Club Admission

If you are interested in Art on Stamps, you are invited to join us, the members of the Paintings and Arts on Stamps Internet Club. The club has at time over 800 members, coming from 80 countries. The member's list can be consulted by following the path Club, Club Members from the menu. Please click the Statutes button for more information, then click the menu point Join the Club to join our PASIC club (free admission). 

Visit the Art on Stamps and the Countries Museums

By clicking the Art Gallery, Art Museums or Countries menu points, found under Art, you can access a lot of exhibition rooms, covering the most interesting Art on Stamps collection areas. Have fun!

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