The music and the poetry of the Canadian artist Leonard Cohen accompanied me through my whole life. If you have never listen to him singing, I recommend you to buy any of his records, you won't regret it.

Leonard Cohen in Concert


    Who by fire? Who by water? Who in sunshine? Who in the night time? Who by high ordeal? Who by common trial? Who in the merry, merry month of May? Who by very slow decay? And who shall I say is calling?
Who in her lonely slip? Who by Barbiturate? Who in the realms of love? Who by something blunt? Who in avalanche? Who by powder? Who for his greed? Who for his hunger? And who shall I say is calling?
Who by brave ascent? Who by accident? Who in solitude? Who in the mirror?Who by his lady's command? Who by his own hand? Who in mortal chains? Who in power?
And who shall I say is calling?
Copyright 1974 Leonard Cohen Stranger Music, Inc. (BMI)

Various Positions


    If you want a lover, I'll do anything you ask me to. And you want another kind of love, I'll wear a mask for you. If you want a partner, take my hand. Or if you want to strike me down in anger, here I stand. I'm your man.
    If you want a boxer, I will step into the ring for you. And if you want a doctor, I'll examine every inch of you. If you want a driver, climb inside. Or if you want to take me for a ride, you know you can. I'm your man.
    Ah, the moon's too bright, The chain too tight. The beast won't go to sleep. I've been running through these promises to you that I made and I could not keep. But a man never got a woman back, not by begging on his knees. Or I'd crawl to you baby and I'd fall at your feet. And I'd howl at your beauty like a dog in heat. And I'd tear at your sheet. I'd say please, please. I'm your man.
    And if you've got to sleep a moment on the road, I will steer for you. And if you want to work the street alone, I'll disappear for you. If you want a father for your child, or only want to walk with me a while across the sand, I'm your man.

Copyright 1988 Leonard Cohen Stranger Music, Inc. (BMI)

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