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     With the game won against Jana Novotna, Martina Hingis got her number one spot on the WTA list back the 2nd of February 1999. She took for the first time the number one position from the renowned German tennis veteran Steffi Graf on March 31th 1997 (being at time 15 and a half years old) and stayed on the #1 position for 80 weeks.
    Martina was born on September 30, 1980 in Kosice, Slovakia (part of the former Czechoslovakia). In the year 1988 she moved to Switzerland with her mother Melanie Zogg (Molitor). She resides with her mother in Trubbach and Regensdorf, Switzerland and in Roznov, Czech Republic.
    Why am I writing about Miss Hingis at all? Simply I was and I still am deeply impressed by the intelligence of her play, fascinated by her results as a single and double player and especially by her joy to play and to win, a sentiment that she spreads on the courts and everywhere she can be seen playing her preferred game. I am charmed by her smile too, that's why I have dedicated this page to the professional tennis player Martina Hingis, a true champion and The Smiling Princess of the world sport.

The very young Martina Hingis

Martina Hingis

Martina Hingis

Let us see how is Martina Hingis perceived by the Web population:

1998, Central African Republic Fed Cup - Special Cancellation

Martina Hingis

Martina Hingis in Fed Cup, 1998

A nice image of Martina Hingis, taken the 6/3/99, just before her memorable, lost final game against Steffi Graf at Rolland Garros, in France. This year she has won many tournaments, Australian Open included. She re-conquered her No. 1 position the 8/8/99 in San Diego, CA, USA. She stayed on the top position for already 101 weeks (the veteran S. Graf leads with 377 weeks on top, Martina taking the 5th place on the list). 

Recent picture of Martina Hingis

Background: Martina, after the match won against Venus Williams in San Diego, California, USA, the 8/9/99

Grand Slam Tournements

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