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Details of the inside floor and sculptures of animals. Toward the end of the page a comparison between the classic and the modern. Please point to the images with the mouse index for more information.

Mosaic floor, 14 Century Right nave. Paving, detail - the two peacocks
Mosaic floor, 12 Century Mosaic floor, 12 Century. Stork with snake. High altar.
Dahomey, 1972. Noah sending out a dove. Dahomey, 1972. Roosters carying a fox on a pole Dahomey, 1972. Stork with snake. High altar
St. Matc's Lion. Detail of the Clock Tower Left gauche. Paving, detail
Horses, Nave Left transept. Paving, detail
Apse, Floor. 3-dimensional decoration, based on Paolo Ucello's drawing, 15 Century. Mosaic floor, 14 and 15 Century

Compare the works of old mosaic masters with the works of modern artists Claude Tousignant, Canada and Victor Vasarely, Hungary.

Claude Tousignant, Canada. Gong 88, 1967. Toronto, Art Gallery of Ontario. Viktor Vasarhelyi, Hungary. Cheyt-G, 1970. Private collection.

The background reproduces a detail of the inside floor of the St Mark's Cathedral, XIII Century.

Views of Venice

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