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I have published here also some snapshots taken during my last visit of Venice, on a rainy day. Please point to the images with the mouse index for more information.

San Marco Cathedral St. Mark's Square and the Cathedral

With this page I finish the Venetian suite, as seen on stamps, on postcards and on my snapshots, with the recommendation for everyone to visit this beautiful and quite uncommon Italian city. 

Palazzo Ducale Venice seen from the Rialto Bridge in a rainy day
Venice seen from the Rialto Bridge in a rainy day Aproaching Venice. Picture taken from a ship.
Gabon, 1972. Rialto Bridge by Canaletto (erroneusly inscripted Caffi) Chad, 1972. Save Venice. Ippolito Caffi. Grand Canal. Cameroun, 1972. School of Canaletto. Regatta on the Grand Canal, Detail. Chad, 1972. Save Venice. Ippolito Caffi. Saling Ship and Doge's Palace.

"The light of the proudly Venice extinguished", wrote in a nostalgic sonnet the 19th century Romanian poet Mihail Eminescu. Even if nostalgia is still present, quite  everywhere, it is a living city, thanks to its cultural development, its film festival, its economy, and last but not least, thanks to millions of tourists from the whole world who give to its streets a permanent fresh breath.

Mali, 1972. Save Venice. Ippolito Caffi, St. Mark's Square Senegal, 1972. Save Venice. San Giorgio Maggiore, by Giovanni Antonio Guardi Venice. Rio di Canonica
Venice. Church of St. Maria della Salute

The background reproduces a detail of the inside floor of the St Mark's Cathedral, XIII Century.

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