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  1. The official name of the club is Paintings and Arts on Stamps Internet Club (PASIC). The official name and its abbreviation PASIC are copyrighted in all countries by Victor Manta, Switzerland, the Founder and the President of PASIC.
  2. The purpose of PASIC is to stimulate and simplify the contact among the stamp collectors worldwide who are particularly interested in the topic "Paintings and Arts on Stamps".
  3. Any stamp collector may ask for admission to PASIC; a specific  recommendation is not required. One can ask for admission by e-mail by clicking this field, by using the Feedback Form or by using a form that will directly introduce her/his data into the Members database (the preferred method). To proceed, please read the present Statutes and then click the button  Join PASIC ).
  4. It is expected that all PASIC members strictly observe the PASIC Statutes and the Netiquette rules. The President, together with the Executive Council, has the right to expel any PASIC member who does not conform to the demands of the present Statutes.
  5. PASIC membership is and will rest forever free. This means that there is no fee to pay. 
  6. PASIC members will be supported by the Executive Council  and by other members, according to their available time, on problems related to stamp collecting, including the use of computer technology and the Internet for this purpose.
  7. In order to finance small projects that stimulate interest for the topical stamp collecting, small donations in stamps or cash are accepted. They could be sent to the PASIC's Treasurer. The President should be contacted by e-mail before sending any donation.
  8. The PASIC membership is a lifetime membership. The e-mail addresses of members who cannot be reached by e-mail after a certain time are replaced by None on the list. It is the obligation of each PASIC member to inform by e-mail the President about changes in her/his e-mail address.
  9. To quit PASIC it is necessary and sufficient to notify the President of the club by e-mail. No reasons are required, but an explanation is welcomed. The records of members who have announced that they have decided to quit PASIC are erased from the list.
  10. A full listing of members is given on this site, facilitating contacts among them. The entries are listed chronologically, with the exception of PASIC staff members, whose names are published at the beginning of the of the list.
  11. PASIC members are informed about the activity of the club by articles published on this site and/or by e-mail along with information concerning   updates of this site. If deemed necessary, a newsletter could also be published and distributed via e-mail.
  12. PASIC is lead by its President and a staff of Officers that compose the Executive Council. The Officers are co-opted among the members of PASIC by the President. The Executive Council is composed of a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, an Editor and two Directors. The list of Officers is published on this page.
  13. The President, assisted by the Executive Council, may require the affiliation of PASIC to other philatelic organizations.
  14.  The official languages of PASIC, used to communicate with the President, are English, French and German.
  15. If necessary, the present Statutes may be  changed  or adapted by the President, assisted by the Executive Council, in order to assure the   necessary flexibility in the functioning of the club. PASIC members will be informed about the changes on this site and/or by e-mail.
  16. The English version of PASIC Statutes is the official one.

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If you agree with the present Statutes and you wish to join us at PASIC, please click the button:  Join PASIC

Revised: Jan. 18, 2019
Copyright 1996 - 2019 by Victor Manta, Switzerland.
All rights reserved worldwide .

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