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According to Art. 12 of its bylaws, PASIC is led by its President and a staff of Officers that compose the Executive Council. The Officers are co-opted among the members of PASIC by the President. The Executive Council is composed of a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, an Editor and a Director. 

Current Officers

Position Name Country E-mail
President Victor Manta Switzerland
Vice-President Helen Fowler USA
Treasurer Susan M. Keil USA
Editor Susan M. Keil USA
Director Gerhard Batz Germany


Victor Manta, President

I'm a Swiss stamp collector, married (father to a daughter), physicist. Interested for a long time in stamp collecting, I have chosen a long time ago the Arts on Stamps as my main philatelic area of interest. My other interests are in the domain of computers, arts, music, digital photography and philatelic journalism. As other hobbies I would mention Web Mastering, tennis and table tennis (playing as much as watching).

Helen Fowler, Vice-President

I'm married, mother to three, and grandmother to two. I collect mostly Raphael, Michelangelo, and Rubens or so I keep telling myself as I continue to expand my collection. I live in the state of Michigan in the USA. Among the other things that I do, is to create and print my own cachets for FDC. Also, occasionally, I design a pictorial cancel to be used at a local event like a stamp show.

Susan M. Keil, Editor and Treasurer

Hermann, Susan's dog

I live in Hanover, NH, USA. I was born  in 1963.   My academic education includes Mathematics and Economics.  My philatelic interests include Worldwide Arts on Stamps, especially Paintings and reproductions of Stained Glass and Sculpture, and the following countries or regions:  Scandinavia, Ireland, Baltic, Columbia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, UN, Kenya. 

Gerhard Batz, Director 

My name is GERHARD BATZ, born on November 20, 1950 at Forchheim, Germany. I'm married and have three children. I studied social sciences and I'm working as a market research director in a big mail order company. I live at Hausen, a small town in Franken (Franconia) which is the northern part of the German federal state Bavaria, near the well known city of Nuremberg. 

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