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Grace Kelly, American Actress
The Princes and
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Dedicated to Princess Grace

     In 1297 the principality was acquired by the house of Grimaldi, a Genoese family. In 1793, during the French Revolution, the Grimaldi were dispossessed and their principality was annexed by France. By the terms of the 1815 Treaty of Vienna, the principality was made a protectorate of the kingdom of Sardinia. In 1861 Monaco was restored as an independent principality under the guardianship of France. Monaco was granted a constitution by Prince Albert I in 1911. The heir to Prince Rainier (77 years old in 2000) is Prince Albert (born 1958).
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1970. Louis I, by Jean Francois de Troy. Scott 774. 1969. Honoré II, by Philippe de Champaigne. Scott 735. 1969. Louise-Hippolyte, by Pierre Gobert. Scott 736. 1970. Charlotte de Gramont, by Sebastian Bourdon. Scott 775.

    In 1956 Prince Rainier married Grace Kelly, an American film actress. The international attention which the marriage attracted materially helped the rebuilding of Monaco's fortunes during the 1960s and 1970s, helping to turn it into a leading destination for the richest holiday makers. 

1972. Jacques I, by Nicolas de Largillière. Scott 860. 1972. Louise Hippolyte, by Jean baptiste Vanloo.. Scott 861.
1973. Charlotte Grimaldi in Court Dress, by Pierre Gobert. Scott 892. 1977. Honoré V, by Marie Verroust. Scott 1093.

     Grace Patricia Kelly was born the November 12, 1928, in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Some say about Grace that she was the most beautiful woman ever. 

1968. Charles II, by Bernardin Mimault. Scott 710. 1967. Rainier I, by Eugene Charpantier 1973. Charlotte Grimaldi in Nun's Habit, by Pierre Gobert. Scott 893. 1968. Jean Grimaldi,  by Bernardin Mimault. Scott 711.

     And she was an undisputed real-life princess. 

Former model and stage actress, Kelly came to film prominence with High Noon (1952) and her Oscar-nominated role in Mogambo (1953).

She then starred in three consecutive films directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

USA, 1993. SG  # 2778.

 The renown film director made brilliant use of her signature combination of cool, elegant charm and smoldering sensuality.

Her Serene Highness, Princess Grace of Monaco died in a car accident in the year 1982.


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