Foreign Masters

     The National Gallery in Prague has a beautiful collection of works of greatest foreign artists, among them Hals, Brueghel, Rubens, El Greco, Durer, Utamaro, van Gogh and many, many others. About 800,000 visitors are attracted year after year by the roughly 400,000 exhibits of this wonderful gallery.

Czechoslovakia, 1985. Franz Hals, Portrait of Jasper Shade van Westrum. Scott 2590. Czechoslovakia, 1976. Jan Breughel, Flowers. Scott 2092. Czechoslovakia, 1988. Eugene Delacroix, A Jaguar Attacking a Rider. Scott 2723. Czechoslovakia, 1977. P.P. Rubens, Cleopatra. Scott 2151.

     I have selected for you some of paintings, those that can be considered as the most famous and the most precious of the Prague collection. Tip: Point on the stamps with the mouse index for more information about the works of art displayed and about the stamps.

Czechoslovakia, 1991, Utamaro. Two Maidens. Scott 2847.

Czechoslovakia, 1988. Albrecht Durer, Feast of Rose Garlands. 1506. Scott 2743.

Czechoslovakia, 1991. El Greco, Head of Christ. Scott 2845.

Czech Rep., 1994. Henri de Tolouse-Lautrec, Moulin Rouge. Scott 2937.

Czechoslovakia, 1977. Lucas Cranach, Young Woman. Scott 2150.

    Many extremely talented engravers, like Milos Ondracek, L. Jirka, Jindra Schmidt, Josef Hercik, B. Housa, Jiri Svengsbir, Vaclav Fajt have created wonderful works of art and deserve our full esteem and reconnaissance. Take once a look at these stamps (not at scans :) armed with a good magnifying glass and I am quite sure that you will be enchanted. 

Czechoslovakia, 1972. Pablo Picasso, Self-portrait. Scott 1851.

Czech Rep. Vincent van Gogh, Field of Green. Scott 2910.

Czechoslovakia, 1981. Pablo Picasso, Standing Woman, Scott 2390.

    Because the stamps are engraved, it is very difficult to obtain good scans of them, without to save them in big files. The compromise that I have found between the files sizes and the quality of images is acceptable, I hope. The original stamps are much nicer and with much more subtle colors and shades than their images on this page.

Czechoslovakia, 1978. Titian, Apollo Flying Marsya. Apollo's Companion. Sc. 2197a. Maximum Card: Sept. 12.

Czechoslovakia, 1978. Titian, Apollo Flying Marsya. King Midas. Sc. 2197a. Maximum Card: Sept. 12.

    May I recommend you to collect these wonderful stamps. At time most of them aren't expensive and are quite available. I'm convinced that they will bring a note of  exquisite taste to your precious stamp collection and will delight not only you, but also all visitors of your art gallery on stamps.



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