1968, Lesotho, Javelin Thrower Rock Paintings 1968, Lesotho, Cranes

Australian Rock Art

Rock Possum, Kakadu National Park Rock Python, Gibb River Wandjina Rivers and Baby Snakes, Gibb River Silver Barramundi (fish), Kakadu Natl Park

Ancient rock paintings appear on the initial set of stamp in the Australian Bicentennial Collection. The stamps honor the Australian Arboriginals, the first inhabitants of this land. Rock art is found throughout Australia - the cultural legacy of thousand of years of Aboriginal history. Tip: Please point the stamps with the mouse index for more information.

Bunjil, Large Figures Stick Figures, Cobar Region Quickans, Tall Figures Bicentenary Emblem

These superb examples of the Aboriginal roch artists' work have been selected from sites in the Kimberleys, Arnhem Land, Cape York Peninsula, the Cobar region in New South Wales, and the Victorian Grampians. 

Each stamp incorporates the symbol of the Australian Bicentennial Authority.

The art produced 32,000 to 11,000 years ago, during the last Ice Age is known as Paleolithic Art. It comprises portable pieces, such as figures or decorated objects carved in bone, antler, or stone or crudely modeled in clay, and cave art in the form of paintings, drawings, and engravings. Some engravings also occur on rocks in the open air. Paleolithic art occurs all over the world.

Background: Masked negroid woman. The period of round-headed men. Probably later as the early Neolithic. Sefar, Eastern Tassili Mountains, Middle Sahara, Algeria.

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