Vulnerant omnes, ultima necat 
(All hurt, the last kills - Latin)

Rembrandt van Rijn

Rembrandt (1606-1669), Dutch Baroque artist, one of the greatest painters in the history of Western art. His full name was Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. He possessed a profound understanding of human nature that was matched by a brilliant technique-not only in painting but in drawing and etching-and his work made an enormous impact on his contemporaries and influenced the style of many later artists. 

Perhaps no painter has ever equaled Rembrandt's chiaroscuro effects or his bold impasto. His numerous self-portraits provide a remarkable record, not only of the development and aging of his own facial features, but also of his character.

Albrecht Dürer

Dürer, Albrecht (1471-1528), the most famous artist of Reformation Germany, widely known for his paintings, drawings, prints, and theoretical writings on art, all of which had a profound influence on 16th-century artists in his own country and in the Lowlands.

Henry Matisse

Matisse, Henri Émile Benoît (1869-1954), French artist, leader of the Fauvists. He is regarded as one of the great formative figures in 20th-century art, and was a master of the use of color and form to convey emotional expression. (The source of all information on this page: Microsoft Encarta 1996).

The motto from the top of the page is usually interpreted as relating to time, to moments. It could be found in the Middle Ages on clocks, mounted in the towers of churches.

Background: Rembrandt, Self-Portrait, Signed Rembrandt f. 1640. The National Gallery, London, UK.


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