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Answer correctly all twelve questions on this page and:

  1. You will get as reward, by snail mail, a nice complete topical set.
  2. Your name (and more information, if you wish) will be published on this page, on the permanent list of winners.

You can find the answers by consulting the pages of this site. And now...


  1. What is the name of this site?
  2. What fee does one have to pay for the membership in the Paintings on Stamps Internet Club? a) $1.00 b) $10.00 c) $0.00 d) $100.00
  3. Why couldn't the 100th anniversary exhibition of the Penny Black take place?
  4. The space for a free advertisement on this site is limited to: a) 1 line b) 2 lines) c) 4 lines?
  5. This site has won 17 Web awards in: a) 1 month b) 2 month c) 3 month?
  6. Liechtenstein issued the portrait of Clara Serena Rubens in a) 1949 b) 1950 and 1986 c) 1984 d) 1949 and 1985
  7. Which painter was called before the Inquisition to give explanations about his portrait of a naked woman?
  8. "The Astronomer" was painted by: a) Leonardo da Vinci b) Pablo Picasso c) Vermeer van Delft d) Sandro Boticelli?
  9. The stamps without face value are especially bad because: a) they are not interesting philatelicaly b) their value can change at the whim of the Government c) they are ugly?
  10. Japan issued a stamp to commemorate the bicentenary of the birth of Hiroshige in: a) 1997 b)1996 c) 1998?
  11. What is the name of the woman who says that she will shoot the person who will touch her?
  12. What is the name of the person who has written that the stamps on the screen are more beautiful than the stamps in his/her album a) Mary Ann b) Pilou c) Eric d) Roy e) Other name?

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Note. Only the fully correct answers will be rewarded. Neither further tips or explanations will be given, nor messages concerning this subject will be exchanged (no reaction means that you haven't won). And..  you have the right to try only ones, so please don't spam me. Don't forget, it is only a game, so have fun!


  • Gregory Meshman, 3/12/1999
  • Hidenori Hiraki, 11/14/1999
  • Your name here :-)
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