Australia, 9/24/00. Grant Hackett, Swimming: Men's 1500 m Freestyle

A Modern Philatelic Story

by Victor Manta

Australia, 9/24/00. Water Polo: Women's. Team: 13 female players


My young son is sitting at his computer and is chatting with somebody on the Internet. He does this for already four hours, a time during which my wife came already 3 times and asked me to propose his something different. OK, I'll try to do my best. The first rule, don't forget to smile:

Half an hour later we are sitting on the sofa and we are chatting friendly.

Australia, 9/17/2000. Men's 4 * 100 Frestyle Relay. Team: Michael Klim, Chris Fydler, Ashley Callus, Ian Thorpe

An offset sheetlet (one from 16)

Offset sheetlets

Digital sheetlets

An hour later, on the same sofa.

At this very moment I woke up, sweated, looked around me and started to think feverishly. Come on, but I have no son, I have a grown-up daughter, and she is not here, but abroad. What a nightmare! Anyway, the kid of my dreams is probably right, I should rather see what's new on the Web. Click!

Australia, 9/25/2000. Beach Volleyball: Women's. Team: Kerry Pottharst, Nathalie Cook

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Australia, 9/25/2000. Cathy Freeman, Athletics: Women's 400 m

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