Romanian Folk Costumes

1934 - 1968

Dedicated to Romania

    This page and the following ones, dedicated to Folk Costumes of different peoples, were created by me, Michaela Manta, a honor guest of PASIS. I collect this topic for many years, with the help of my husband, who initiated me (like many others) in stamp collecting. I start my presentation with some nice sets issued by the country were I was born, Romania. There are the beautiful folk costumes from Romania that gave me a long time ago the idea to start such a collection. I hope that you will love it too.


The stamps above were issued on June 8, 1936, Sc. B56-B62, the print run being of 100,000 sets. They celebrated the 6th anniversary of accession to throne by the King Carol II. The surtax was destined to children welfare. The stamps show people from different regions of Romania:

  • Sc. B59. Girl of Hateg (read Hatzeg)
  • Sc. B62, Youth and Girl of Bucovina
  • Sc. B58, Girl of Saliste (read Salishteh) 
  • Sc. B60. Youth from Gorj
  • Sc. B57. Girl of Banat
  • Sc. B66. Girl of Oltenia
  • Sc. B61. Girl of Neamt (read Neamtz)

The three stamps shown above and the other three shown below were issues on April 5, 1966. They are dedicated to folk dances, the dancers being dressed in interesting regional costumes. All stamps display an incorrect year of issue: 1965. The designer was Serban Zainea. There were printed 200,000 complete sets. The name of the region of each stamp is given below.

The above set was issued on December 28, 1968, Scott 2058-2063. The print run was of 300,000 complete sets. The stamps were designed by Aida Tasgian-Constantinescu. The set displays in pairs regional costumes from Neamt (read Neamtz), Brasov (Brashov) and Hunedoara.


Published: 10/31/2000. Revised: 11/01/00. Copyright 2000 by Michaela and Victor Manta, Switzerland. All rights reserved worldwide.

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