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On Paintings

    I will start with two pairs of Japanese work of art, issued by Japan and commemorating the traditional Philatelic Week. Sc. 1322-1323, 1978, Apr. 20, Kanbun Bijinzu Folding Screen, Edo Period. Sc. 1389-1390, 1980, Apr. 21, Scenes of Outdoor Play in Spring, by Sukenobu Nishikawa.

   Please admire with me the Japanese paintings of women set, issued by Paraguay in 1971, and dedicated to the Winter Olympic Games from 1972 in Sapporo, Japan (Scott No.: 1369, 1371-1372). The stamps with the face values from 0.10c to 0.30c were issued in a strip of five.

     The stamps above reproduce paintings of the artists: Uemura Shoen, Harunobu and Ketao

     The authors of the paintings displayed above are: Harunobu, Totil and Kakizahi (Old Man)

    The three stamps above and the three ones below were issued in 1970 by the North Yemen in order to commemorate the EXPO '70 in Osaka, Japan (Mi. 1064-1069). All stamps are labeled "Famous Art of Japan"; those shown above display works of the Japanese painter Kuniyasu.

     See above stamps reproduce works of the Japanese painters Toyokuni Kosotei, Toyokuni II Kosotei and Toyokuni III - Kunisada.

    Other Japanese paintings on stamps can be found on this site, in the menu on the left, under: Countries, Japan. 

Published: 11/01/2000. Revised: 11/05/00. Copyright 2000 by Michaela and Victor Manta, Switzerland. All rights reserved worldwide.

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