Varied Costumes

Europe and not so far away from it 

   France. 1943, Dec.17. 18th century costumes, Sc. B167-B172. 1.20fr+2fr, Brittany. 1.50fr+4fr, Ile de France. 2.40fr+5fr, Burgundy. 4fr+6fr, Auvergne. 5fr+7fr, Provence. A very nice set, even if issued using only one color for each stamp.

     Czechoslovakia. Regional Costumes. Stamps taken from several sets, issued in 1955 and 1956. Sc. 707-710, Sc. 776-779. 30h Moravia. 60h Ocova, Slovakia. 75h Detva. 1.60. Novohradsko, Slovakia. 1.60 Chodsko men, Bohemia. 2k Hana woman, Moravia. One of the nicest costume sets ever.

     DDR - German Democratic Republic. 1968, Mar. 14. Sorbian Regional Costumes. 10pf, Woman from Hoyerswerda. 20pf. Woman from Schleife. 40pf. Woman from Crostwitz. 50pf, Woman from Sprewald. Very sober and somehow frozen graphics.

     Lithuania. A set of 19th century costumes was issued on May 25, 1996. Sc. 539-541. It displays costumes from the Klapeida region. Poland. I show here 3 values from a set of regional costumes issued on Sep. 30, 1969, Sc. 1685-1692. 40g, Krczornow, Lublin. 60g, Lowicz, Lodz. 7z, Kurpiow, Warsaw.

    Morocco. From the set issued between 1968-1974. Sc. 108-206. Woman from Msouffa, Sahara. Man from Rif. Chad, 1969. Philexafrique. 

    Note how much could one see of a young (?) woman from Sahara in the seventies (above, on the left). Eventually compare with the 18th century costumes from France, shown on the top of this page.

Published: 11/19/2000. Revised: 11/19/00. Copyright 2000 by Michaela and Victor Manta, Switzerland. All rights reserved worldwide.

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