African Music and Costumes

Out of Africa 

   Angola. Republic of Southern Africa. Independent of Portugal since 1975. The stamps below belong to a set issued in 1957, Sc. 395-39. They show: 5c. Quela Chief; 10c. Andulo flute player; 15c. Dembos man and woman; 20c. Quissama dancer; 30c. Quibala family.

     Burundi. Located in Central Africa, adjoining the ex-Belgian Congo Republic, Rwanda and Tanzania. Burundi was established as an independent country in 1962. 

     The set above and below was issued in 1964, Sc, 88-94 and display various dancers and drummers. It commemorates the World Fair in New York, USA.

    Liberia. Located on the West coast of Africa, between Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone.

    The set of seven values, issued in 1967 (Sc. 466-472) shows Liberians playing native instruments. The stamps are cancelled in Monrovia, the capital of the country.

     2c. Boy playing African Rattle; 3c. Tom-tom and soko violin; 5c. Mang harp; 10c. Alimilim; 15c. Xylophone drums; 25c. Large tom-toms; 35c. Large harp.

Published: 11/18/2000. Revised: 11/18/00. Copyright 2000 by Michaela and Victor Manta, Switzerland. All rights reserved worldwide.

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