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    After having published my previous page about dogs, I received several e-mails in which stamps collectors told me wonderful stories about their own dogs and about the special relationships they and their families had with their faithful, joyful and intelligent friends. These letters determined me to continue my previous page on dogs.

Poland, 1963. Poodle. Sc. 1120 Poland, 1963. Polish Sheep Dog. Sc. 1116. Poland, 1963. Boxer. Sc. 1117 Poland, 1963. Airedale terrier. Sc. 1118.

    One day Bobic was accused by the director of the sanatorium located somewhere in our village that he, Bobic, has stolen the meat prepared to be served to all patients on a certain day. I know the history from my father, who commented that a quite small dog like Bobic couldn't take so much at once and that probably that meat was stolen by others and our Bobic was promoted to a scapegoat. Anyway, the director complained and a week later the policeman of the village shot our Bobic.

Poland, 1963. French Bulldog. Sc. 1119 Poland, 1963. Cocker Spaniel. Sc. 1115 Poland, 1963. Hunting Dog. Sc. 1121 Poland, 1963. Sheep Dog. Sc. 1122

       Bobic was a lucky dog, because he was hit only in his paw, so my mother tried to help him with some dressings with medicine. The  problem was that, in spite of our efforts, Bobic rejected the dressings and preferred to just lick his wounded paw. After several months Bobic could again run normally, but after this accident he feared objects in the hands of anybody, that looked to him like guns, when they were aimed at him. In such situations he disappeared with a lot of dignity, but as fast as he could.

Romania, 1971. German Shepard. Sc. 2227 Poland, 1963. Great Dane. Sc. 1123 Romania, 1971. Cocker Spaniel.. Sc. 2231

    Bobic brought to life several little dogs, that couldn't be approached when they were very small, because Bobic wasn't the gently animal we knew anymore, but behaved like a wild beast. But after two weeks following the birth of his doggies we the children were permitted to play with the small animals, what makes as much us as the doggies really happy. Unfortunately quite quickly we were separated from the doggies, because they should be given to their future masters as long as they were still small.

Romania, 1971. Bulldog. Sc. 2228 Romania, 1971. Fox Terrier. Sc. 2229 Romania, 1971. Poodle. Sc. 2232 Romania, 1971. Setter. Sc. 2230

     One of these small dogs was given away a bit too late and he managed to come back to us after a month, with a part of a rope still hanging around his neck. So he was given to another person, but after another month he was back again, and this from a very distant place. The result was that this "obstinate" young dog won our hearts and stayed with us. My father gave him the very suitable name of Zurik (read Tsurik, from the German zurück = back). He was an extremely friendly dog, who adored to be stroked and to play with us.

     Because I was never able to keep in mind written stories and fairy tales, my daughter grew up with my stories about Bobic and about other animals I had later. These stories were taken form real  life, so probably for this reason she adored them and asked during her childhood to listen again and again to them . I'm quite sure that one day her own children will ask for these stories too.

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