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Started in 1999. 34th Edition, Jan. 2020  

    In October 2020  the Paintings and Arts on Stamps Internet Site, the first art on stamps site on the Internet, will commemorate its 15th anniversary. Congratulation to all Paintings and Arts on Stamps Internet Club (PASIC) members and many thanks to all our visitors! Here are several comments, coming from over the world:

  •  Spending some time today looking through your site I can only say well done, brilliant and thank you for the effort.
  •  As always it is an inspiration which has led me to the fascinating twin worlds of stamps and art.
  • For years I have been visiting your excellent Web site enjoying to read nice articles. The site has become for me a valuable source of collecting numerous art on stamps information. Having been a Club Member I got an opportunity to contact many people around the world with common interest. Please keep up the good work!
  • I needed a good introduction to collecting this theme and this site looks ideal for my purposes
  • Very good web sites, and i found some "new" stamp for me. I collect art stamps Italian, Nederland and Spain painters before -1900. Also collect art stamps of maritime/ships and seasides landscapes
  • I am very surprised by your site.There is quite a lot of information in the field of my interest. I am a collector of stamps with paintings of Dutch and Flemish Masters. I still have to find my way between the information your site has. Hope to visit your site after today frequently.
  • This website is very informative and useful to not only for beginners but also experienced and advanced topical collectors.
  • Excellent web site. I found so much new art stamps for my collection.
  • Incredible! A labour of love.
  • I am sure this ONE OF THE BEST site for collectors of stamps on the theme Paintings on Stamps. I have earlier seen this site and with this new Update it looks wonderful and awesome.Thanks for the help.

    The number of Paintings and Arts on Stamps Internet Club members, coming from over 80 countries, has grown to over 800. It became one of the largest philatelic clubs worldwide.

  The site covers such interesting subjects as: Madonnas on UK stamps, Leonardo's 500th Death Anniversary, Nudes by the Romanian artist N. Grigorescu, modern Iceland art, and many others.

    In May 2010 we have extended the usage of our principal asset, the free Art on Stamps database. Thanks to Roy Berliner from the USA, who updated the database in May 2010, we list in the database over 30,000 stamps and nearly 3,300 miniature sheets. A new version will be published soon - stay tuned!

    Thanks to Pieter Broekema we are offering access to all Rembrandt related stamps that appeared between 1930 and 2020. Thank you, Pieter!

    The on-line database (Resources tab) is functional and running.

    Don't hesitate to take two interesting polls on art on stamps and compare your preferences to those of other visitors. For more information please click the links listed under the Resources tab, in the menu Take a Poll on...).

   May I remind you an interesting article about this site, signed by Bill Sharpe, that appeared on a half of a page in the December 2004 edition of the prestigious philatelic magazine Linn's. Click here to read it.

    I would like to thank all PASIC members and to all visitors of the Paintings and Arts on Stamps Internet Site for their interest, fidelity and encouragements (some of them have been published under the Misc tab, Feedback Received).

Victor Manta
Philatelic Web Publisher, PWO

We encourage all stamps collectors interested in Arts on Stamps to join us at PASIC, in order to make our hobby even more interesting and joyful for them and for all of us. To join us on-line, for free (no hidden costs ever), please click on this button:

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