The Bright and the Dark Side 

of Personalized Issues

    As their names imply, the personalized issues are official issues of postal administration that allow for some personalization (individualization), usually through printing of images and/or texts on labels, attached to stamps that are valid for postage. The personalized part itself is not valid for postage purposes.
   This kind of issues were firstly introduced by the Australian postal administration; they were quickly followed by the postal administrations of Switzerland, Ireland, United Kingdom and, in a special version, by that of Canada.

    Being attached to real stamps, this kind of issues not only have a certain philatelic significance, but also in a certain way represent the issuing countries, a reason why the postal administrations have specified from the beginning some rules and also limitations concerning the images that can be submitted for the printing on these issues.
    It seems that the public at large and even some stamp collectors have enjoyed this new kind of "artistic" expression. Many stamp collectors, judging upon their reactions in philatelic magazines and on philatelic newsgroups, are rather sceptical in what concerns the philatelic value of these labels.

The publicity of one of most active Swiss stamp dealer has drawn my attention on another, somehow less pleasant aspect of the personalized issues. Please look below for dealer's publicity (in black, translated from German) and for some comments.

Millennium's Sheetlet Sensation

Eight different images on one sheetlet. Normally only two different images are possible. This rare sheetlet appeared for the Bangkok 2000.
This issue was ordered by the official representative of the Swiss postal administration.
A very limited edition! (Sehr kleine Auflage!)

Sheetlet mint **      Fr. 69.50
Sheetlet with the special cancellation from the exhibition Fr. 79.00
Series on 4 covers, special cancellation Fr. 89.00

In my opinion there are several problems with this offer:

 Just notice that:

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