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This page is dedicated 

to the 250th birth anniversary

of the greatest of poets, J. W. von Goethe


BRD, 1949. Goethe, 200 Birth Anniversary


Yet, to be loved, what happiness! What happiness, ye gods, to love!

The Kiss, by Klimt

France, 2000. Peynet, Le kiosque des amoureux Valence France, 2000. Camille Claudel, La Valse


La loge, by A. Renoir Lovers, by Marc Chagall The Model Trampling the Painter, by Helion Pygmalion, by Paul Delvaux
Neglecting Breaking Trampling Creating a god


Ein gleiches

Über allen Gipfeln ist Ruh,
In allen Wipfeln spürest du kaum einen Hauch;
Die Vögelein schweigen im Walde,
Warte nur, balde ruhest du auch!

  Over All the Peaks

Over all the peaks it is peaceful,
In all the treetops you feel hardly a breath of wind;
The little birds are silent in the forest,
Only wait; soon you will rest as well!

The great German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) depicts in this poem a magnificent and peaceful image of nature and man. A jewel of poetry!

Fuji from Umezawa, by Hokusai Central Australia, A. Namatjira Pigeons, by J.J. Audubon Path in the Forest, by F. Vasiliev

All poetry on this page by: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)
Background image: Birth of Venus (detail), by Sandro Botticelli (1445 - 1510)


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