Stamps, Cancels and Slogans
Directly from the UN P.A. Geneva

     The United Nations Postal Administration is one of those administrations who still use real stamps on covers that it send to its philatelic customers, contrary to the practice of many other postal administrations. As a homage to the philatelically friendly politics of this administration, I have put together a page that displays stamps, cancels and slogans that I have received from (or through) the Geneva UN Postal Administration during the last decade. The displayed pieces of covers weren't "fabricated" for stamp collectors, they represent just the usual postal traffic.  Maybe they aren't perfect, but in my eyes they are nice, different and for this reason very attractive.

3/93. 1993. Native Populations -- a new partnership. 1993. World Health Organization 1948 - 1993.

7/93. Live Together in Peace.

 5/94. World Conference for the Prevention of Natural Disasters. 2/94. 1994: The International Family Year.

11/94. 1994 The International Year of the Sport and of the Olympic Ideal. 12/95. 50th Anniversary of the United Nations.

2/96. 50th Anniversary of the First Session of the General Assembly at Central Hall, London, Jan. 1946. 9/96. 50th Anniversary of the UNICEF

5/97. 50th Anniversary of the Economic Commission for Europe, 1947 - 1997. 9/97 50th Anniversary of the International School of the United Nations.

4/98. International Year of the Ocean. 6/98. A World Without Drugs - We Can Have It.

7/97. 50th Anniversary of the Women's Association of the UN. 9/98. 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (the stamp shows the text: Homage to Philately).

 4/99. 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 7/99. A Mine Less is a Victim Less.

12/99. Participate in the Race Against the Poverty. 10/00. 2000 - International Year of the Culture of Peace (the stamp displays the text: "In Memoriam: dead for serving the peace").

2/13/01 and 2/28/01. Année international des volontaires - International Year of Volunteers. 

5/10/01. Année international des volontaires - International Year of Volunteers. 9/17/01. 50 Ans de timbres des Nations Unies, 1951-2001. 50 years of UN stamps.

2003 and 2002. Visit the UN. 50 years of guided visits.

As a long time customer, I was announced in August 2003 that the future service (starting by October this year) will be managed from the United Nation Postal Administration in Vienna. Maybe it will costs less the UNPA, but I suppose that this will cost some of us more, at least the Swiss customers. Probably the time came to stop buying these art stamps too. This also means that this page won't be updated anymore.  BTW, their last letter was stampless, with just a printed PORT PAYÉ on it (shown above).

Anyway, thanks to UNPA Geneva for a good service and for the stamps and cancels sent on their envelopes.

Created 01/20/2000. Revised: 08/26/03.
Copyright © 2001 - 2003 by Victor Manta, Switzerland.
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