Ten Prized Dogs Paintings Postage Stamps
(Issue of 1971)

Issuing dates: Starting with November 16, 1971. Process: Deep etch offset. Photographer: Liu Pao-chin. Paper: Superior quality stamp paper. Printer: Thomas de la Rue & Co., Ltd., London.

Coordinated by the Chinese Cultural Renaissance Movement, two painting sets reproducing the Ten Prized Dogs paintings were issued on November 16, 1971 and January 12, 1972. 

The original works are painted in ink and colors on silk. They were painted by the artist Lang Shih-ning (Giuseppe Castiglione, 1688 - 1766).

$1: White Frost Hawk; $2: Star-Glancing Wolf; $2.5: Golden-Winged Face

$5: Young Black Dragon; $5: Young Black Dragon. Second set. $1: Black with Snow-white Paws

$2: Yellow Leopard; $2.5: Flying magpie; $5: Heavenly Lion; $8: Mottled Tiger.

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