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Nice Topical Issues

Dedicated to my daughter 

    The Swiss post has issued many very nice topical stamps. Most of them appeared in order to support Pro Juventute, a private organization that helps the Swiss youth. To get information about these stamps, please point to them with the mouse index - a short explanation will appear.

Pro Juventute 1943 - 1944 Pro Juventute 1966 - Hans Erni
Pro Juventute 1955

     The first Pro Juventute (For the Youth) sets were issued in the year 1913. After 1915 they were issued annually and were usually sold at premiums, destined to the youth help. I show on this page some of them, stamps and FDCs, that belong to my topical collection.

Pro Juventute 1968 Pro Juventute 1997
Pro Juventute 1982

     This page was firstly published on August 1, 1998. The 1st of August is traditionally the National Day of the Swiss Confederation. The same day my family and all our friends have celebrated the 18th birthday anniversary of my daughter, "The Webmaster's Right Hand". The roses above were offered to her, with love. Happy Birthday to both of them! 


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