Poland, 1981. Birth Centenary Anniversary THE HUMAN


San Marino, 1981. Picasso, by Guttuso

  The critics of art distinguish between several periods Picasso's creative activity, usually named The Blue Period, The Pink Period, The Period of Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, then The Analytic Cubism, followed by The Synthetic Cubism, etc.  Tip: please point on the stamps with the mouse index for supplementary information.

Korea, 1981. Mother with Child. Hungary, 1981. La Toilette.

I have chosen only one aspect of his prolific activity, which I have called The Human Dimension. 

Spain, 1978. Mrs. Canals, Self-portrait, Thanks to public. FDC 9/29/1978, Barcelona Spain, 1978. Mrs. Canals.
Maldives, 1981. Stll Life, with Pitcher and Apples, 1919

By The Human Dimension I understand works realized by human beings for other human beings.

Mali, 1988. Arlequin Comoro, 1981. Mugs and Pot. Comoro, 1981. Red Tablecloth. Wallis et Futuna, 1981. Arlequin.

A good test is to try to answer the question "what is it, what is represented here?" and to have a good chance to find the answer just by looking attentively at that work of art.

St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Circus Family Equatorial Guinea, 1975. Madame Z. Bulgaria, 1982. Mother and Child
Equatorial Guinea, 1975. Mali, 1981. Child with the Dove.

I hope that you will like the exposed works, where we can see the artist expressing himself in something I would call "the human registry", as opposed to his later works.

Maldives, 1995. Head of a Woman USSR, 1971. Girl on a Ball. Dominica, 1981. Woman in Spanish Costume Maldives, 1995. Woman in White S. Tomé e Principe, 1982. Lola.

Background: Nude drawing, 1920, Marie Cuttoli Collection. 

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