The frescoes shown below, reproduced on Romanian stamps, come from monasteries situated in the North of Romania, in a beautiful region named Bucovina. Point the mouse to the images for more information.

1996. Romania. Church from Arbore 1996. Romania. Humor Monastery 1996. Romania. Voronet Monastery

For historical reasons, this region is shared between two countries, Romania and Ukraine. This page displays frescoes from monasteries located in Romania. You can see on the above stamps on the left a church named Arbore and two monasteries, Humor and Voronet. 

1971. Moldovita. St. George and the Dragon

1971. Moldovita. The Saint Three Kings. 1971. Moldovita. Christ and Herodes. 1971. Voronet. Death of the St. John the New.

The monastery Sucevita (read Suchevitza) shown below, on the right, was built between 1581-1601. It displays apostles, evangelists, philosophers, martyrs, angels and devils, presenting a vision that astonishes the specialists and the visitors alike.

Voronet Sucevita

About on the left I show one one the most beautiful Orthodox churches from Europe, Voronet (read Voronetz), named also the "Sixtine of the East". The dominant color of the frescoes is blue, the so called Blue of Voronet, that triggers the admiration of all visitors and art lovers. The monastery was a donation of the Prince Stefan the Great, from the year 1488.

1971. Voronet. 1970. Arbore. The Byzantine Court.

The stamps and sheets displayed show frescoes from the monasteries Voronet, Moldovita, Arbore and Sucevita.

1969. Sucevita. Three prophets. 1969. Voronet. The Prince Stephen the Great and Family. 1969. Moldovita. Siege of Constantinopole, 7th Century.
1969. The Last Judgment - Voronet, St. Nicolas - Sucevita 1970. The New Judgment, Mitropolit Grigore Rosca - Voronet

Showing a variety of subjects and painted in wonderful colors, these monasteries attract a lot of visitors from the whole world year after year.

1970. Voronet. The New Judgement. 1970. Sucevita. The Prince Alexander the Good and Family. 1970. Voronet. The Life of St. Antonius 1970. Moldovita. Prince Petru Rares and Family.

Background: Ion Andreescu, Trees in Blossom, 1880?, The National Art Museum of Romania, Bucharest.

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