Romanian Paintings


    Like all children of their age, the Romanian children have a lot of imagination that appears everywhere, also on their paintings. Are these the Grigorescus and the Luchians of the future ? Well, maybe.

    The above set was issued the May 25, 1991, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of UNICEF. Sc. 4104-4107. 740L. Winter Scene; 370L. Mother and Children; 1500L. Children and Sun over House. The fourth stamp is shown in the last row, to the right.

   Commemorating the International Year of the Child, the Romania post has issued on March 1, 1979 a set of 7 stamps, Sc. 2816-2821. The row above shows the drawings: Winter Customs, Pioneer Festival and Industrial Landscape.

    On the above stamps the children have painted: Heroes of Vaslui, Building Houses, Folk Music of Tica. The 1500L stamp displays a House on Stilts (issued 1991, Sc. 4107).

    Below I present you the winner of the 3rd Stamp Design Contest of the Japan Minister of Posts and Telecommunications' Award in the Junior selection . A special feature of the entries on this occasion was the heartening way in which the familiar animals, insect and plants which we live together with on the earth are portrayed along with human beings.

    The winner is Brat Anca from Romania with its design "Christmas Man". On an evening with fine snow blowing around, children holding stars have gathered around and Santa Claus is there with a gentle expression on his face. The design conveys the joy and dreamy of Christmas vividly. The date of issue of the Japanese stamp was October 9, 1992 and the print run was of 15,000,000 stamps.

     Background: Ion Andreescu, Trees in Blossom, 1880?, The National Art Museum of Romania, Bucharest.

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