Romanian Paintings


    The Romanian artists painted some very delicate portraits of children, full of sensibility and understanding. I show below some of the nicest ones, that appeared on Romanian postal stamps.

    A set of 6 values, showing children on paintings, was issued in 1984, Scott 3222-3227 (the row above and the second from left below). 3L. Portrait of a Child, by N. Tonitza; 2L. Child with Orange, by S. Luchian; Portrait of a Boy, by S. Popp; 5L. Portrait of a Girl, by I. Tuculescu; 50b. Portrait of a Child, by T. Aman; 1L. Little Shepherd, by N. Grigorescu. 

    Other paintings of children were issued between 1977 and 1986. From left to right: 1977. Little Shepherd, by N. Grigorescu. Sc. 2709. 1986. Woodsman's Daughter, by N. Tonitza. Sc. 3355. 1968. Little Girl with Red Kerchief, by N. Grigorescu. Sc.1998. 

     Background: Ion Andreescu, Trees in Blossom, 1880?, The National Art Museum of Romania, Bucharest.

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