1/1/2000 "2000 Years of Christianity", Paintings by Mathias Stromer, about 1642 and Ferdinand Gehr, 1990. 3/6/2000. Views of Liechtenstein. O. Zeller / M. Siegl

2000 Years of Christianity

 3/6/2000. Rubens (Mars and Rhea Silvia) & Rembrandt (Amor)

Mars and Rhea Silvia

5/9/2000. F. Hundertwasser. Steel engravings by Wolfgang Seidel. The set  commemorates  the Liechtenstein presence at the Hanover 2000 World Exhibition.

Frangrance of Humus FDC. Date of issue: 5/9/2000 Do Not Wait Houses-Move The Car: a Drive Toward Nature and Creation

9/4/2000. Art Museum 2000. Joan Miro, The Dreaming Bee, 1979. Sol LeWitt, Cube, 1999. Roelant Savery, A Bouquet of Flowers, 1612. Design: Cornelia Eberle. Steel engraving for the Bouquet of Flowers: Wolfgang Seidel.

Liechtenstein, 2000. Roelant Savery, A Flower Bouquet. 1612.

The special stamps issued to mark the opening of the new Art Museum show typical works from three different artistic periods: 17th century Flemish painting, classic modern art and contemporary art. They indicate the range of the collections which exist in Liechtenstein.

Background: F. Hundertwasser. People (Complement to "Trees"), 1950.

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