Regional Stamps of Japan

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has been issuing postage stamps carrying designs of the regional scenery, customs and events of Japan, called Regional stamps, since 1989. Its  purpose is to contribute to the development of the regional community by introducing the regional scenery and so forth throughout Japan, and to provide better postal services for local people. For us, people living outside Japan, the regional stamps (known also as Prefecture stamps) are an interesting source of information about this beautiful country. 
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1997 Men's World Handball Championship (Kumamoto Prefecture)

1997. Men's World Championship, by Yusaku Tomoeda Kumamoto Castle 1989. Kumamoto Castle Suizenji Park

1997. Rhododendron Dauricum (Hokkaido Prefecture)

4/25/1997. Rhododendrum, by Michiko Ohta 5/23/1991 Lily, Lilac, Ezo licorice, Mountain ash

1997. Mount Fuji (Shizuoka Prefecture)

4/25/1999. Mount Fuji, byMasato Aoki 10/7/1996. Fugaku 36- key (36 scenes of Mt. Fuji, by Hokusai) 6/23/1993 Black paradise flycatcher and Mt. Fuji

1997. Hanayome (Niigata Prefecture)

6/18/1997 Koji Fukiya, Picture of a Bride  Koji Fukiya, Picture of a Bride Shimizuen villa
Shibata, a castle town Shibata Castle, the "Castle of Irises"

1997. Hokkaido Ermine (Hokkaido Prefecture) 

5/30/1999. Hokkaido Ermine, by Hitoshi Sakamoto 5/29/1992 Sakhalin Red Fox 10/30/1990 Japanese crane 5/17/1993 Harbor seal The Daisetsu mountain range and the Tokachi River

1997. Okayama Castle 400th Anniversary (Okayama Prefecture)

Okayama caste. Photograrher: Takayasu Mori Ujo (Castle of crow) Okayama castle Korakuen garden

1997. The Clock Tower of Kyoto University (Kyoto Prefecture)

6/18/1997 The Clock Tower, by Genso Okuda 9/25/1990 Maiko in Old Kyoto Kyoto, an international turist city Kiyomizu Temple

1997. The Kanto Festival in Akita (Akita Prefecture)

7/7/1997. The Kanto Festival in the Evening, by Motohiko Sato The Kanto Festival in the Evening, by Motohiko Sato 2.12.1993 Oga Peninsula
The paper lantern Namahage festival, on New Year's Eve

1997. Natural Habitat of Waterwheel Plant (Saitama Prefecture)

8/1/1997. Natural habitat at Hozoji-numa Pond, by Rikisaburo Terai 8/26/1976 Metropolitan bitterling Saitama Aquarium

1997. Owara Kaze No Bon (Toyama Prefecture)

8/20/1997 Bon festival dance, by Choho Iwata, paper-cutting artist Bon festival dance, by Choho Iwata, paper-cutting artist 4/18/1990 Shomyi Fall, Tateyama
4/25/1994 Kurobe Ravine and Kurobe Dam
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