Grenada Grenadines. From "The Three Ages of Man"

Czechoslovakia, 1965. Toilet of a Young Lady.


    Titian's paintings of the 1530s are marked by relative quiet, pictorial subtlety, and colouristic refinement, as exemplified by the Venus of Urbino (1538-1539, Uffizi, Florence), a revision of Giorgione's Sleeping Venus (c. 1510, Gemäldegalerie, Dresden).
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Venus of Urbino

Venus of Urbino

Bhutan, 1988. Venus of Urbino, detail
British Vrigin Island, 1988. Empress Isabella of Portugal Dominica, 1988. Salome. Grenada, 1988. Lucrezia & Tarquinius. Grenada, 1988. Lavinia Vecellio

Titian's portraits, initially like Giorgione's, soon took on a greater expansiveness and more overt authority to become compellingly beautiful images of idealized masculinity (Man with a Glove, c. 1520, Louvre) or femininity (Flora, c. 1515, Uffizi).

Grenada, 1988. Allegory of Alfonso D'Avalos

Gambia, 1988. Venus Blindfolding Cupid

Uganda, 1988. Violante.

Bhutan, 1988. Venus Risen from the Waves, detail

Bhutan, 1988. Sleeping Venus

Redonda, 1988. Girl in the Fur

Background: The Death of Actaeon. National Gallery, London. 

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