Dedicated to my compatriots murdered in Egypt

This page and the two pages that follows shows postal stamps, banknotes and objects of art related to the most known pharaoh on the ancient Egypt, the King Tutankhamon (known also as Tutankhamen). The idea to make these pages was prompted by the exhibition "Tutanchamun - Das goldene Jenseits" (Tutankhamon - the golden thereafter), opened at the Antikenmuseum Basel between the 7th of April 2004 and the 3rd of October 2004.  After Paris 1967, London 1972 and Germany 1980/1981 the treasures from the tomb of the legendary pharaoh are again in Europe, after a delay of over 20 years.

King Nebkheperura Tutankhamun remains the most famous of all the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, but in fact he was a short lived and fairly insignificant ruler during a transitional period in history. Little was known of him prior to Howard Carters methodical detective work, but the discovery of his tomb and the amazing contents it held ultimately ensured this boy king of the Immortality he sought.

King Tutankhamun was, until the discovery of his tomb, a fairly insignificant and little known king from the 18th Dynasty. Even in spite of the amazing discoveries made in his tomb, the historians still have very little information about Tutankhamun. (Source: )

Published: 05/20/2004. Revised: 08/25/04.
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