The Austrian painter Friedensreich Hundertwasser (Friedrich Stowasser) died at age 71 on February 19th 2000 on board of the ship Queen Elizabeth 2. He was buried in the "Garden of the Happy Dead" from  New Zealand, the country where he decided to settle.
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Self-portrait, 1976 United Nations, Vienna. Social Summit, 1995

Liechtenstein, 1993. Black Hatter. Scott 1004

United Nations, Vienna. Social Summit, 1995 United Nations, Vienna. Social Summit, 1995

    His work, appreciated by the public for its colorful content, is characterized by abstract and decorative features, enhanced by golden or silver elements. His style resembles the one of his compatriot, Gustav Klimt. He disliked straight lines, considering them "the devil's tools". 

Luxemburg. Hundertwasser, 1995

United Nations, Geneva. Human Rights, 1983

    Some recent stamps are displayed below. The miniature sheet of Austria, showing the "Blue Blues" work, was issued the 2nd of July 2000, and commemorates the death of the artist.

Austria, 2000. Hundertwasser, Blue Blues. Hundertwasser's House in Vienna, Austria.

    The stamps of Liechtenstein were issued on 9th of May 2000. They commemorate  the participation of Liechtenstein at the World Exhibition Hanover 2000. 

Frangrance of Humus FDC. Date of issue: 5/9/2000 Do Not Wait Houses-Move The Car: a Drive Toward Nature and Creation

    Background: People (Complement to "Trees"), 1950.

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