Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Del Sarto and Raphael

     Hall 26. Andrea del Sarto. Virgin in Majesty with the Child and the St. Francis and St. John the Evangelist. The work is also known under the name "Madonna of the Harpies". Due to the perfection of his drawing, the purity of his colors and the harmony of his composition, Vasary named Andrea del Sarto "the painter without faults". The name of this work comes from the harpies painted on the pedestal that supports the wonderfully painted Virgin.
     The painting was executed in 1517 for the convent of St. Francis in Florence. The figures have the greatness of Michelangelo's works, alleviated by the color that, by its warm and soothe tonality reminds of the paintings of Raphael. From the iconographical point of view, the Virgin reminds of the subjects of Fra Bartolomeo, while St. John is, after Vasari, a copy after Jacopo Sansovino.

San Marino, 1980. Andrea del Sarto. Madonna of the Harpies, Annunciation, Angel.  Sc. 995-997. Andrea del Sarto. Madonna of the Harpies. 1517.
San Marino, 1963. Raphael, Self-portrait. Sc. 550. Yemen. Raphael, Francesco Maria della Rovere.

    Hall 26. Raphael (Raffaello Santi), 1483-1520. Self-portrait, about 1508. Portrait of Francesco Maria della Rovere

Raphael, 1506. Madonna of the Goldfinch. Italy, 1970. Raphael, Madonna of the Goldfinch (detail).
Ras al Khaima, 1968. Mothers Day. Raphael, Madonna of the Goldfinch.

Cook Islands, 1975. Raphael, Madonna of the Goldfinch. Sc. 437 a.

    Madonna of the Goldfinch, 1506. This is one of the first works of the Florentine period of the great master from Urbino. Being in contact with the Florentine milieu, Raphael gives up his earlier manner, dominated by the influence of Perugino. He approaches the instruction of Leonardo da Vinci, that can be already detected in this work, in its  pyramidal organization of the composition. Raphael has built his scene with delicacy, avoiding any tension, any abrupt jump. The figures are modeled with gentleness and inserted in a atmosphere of an intimate and familiar conversation, dominated by mild and warm colors, that descend even upon the neighboring landscape, making it to participate in the same intimacy. After: Les Offices, Visite la Galerie. 1998, Bonechi Edizioni.

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