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Metropolitan Museum

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      Metropolitan Museum of Art, art museum in New York, is one of the largest museums in the world. Founded in 1870 by a group of public figures, philanthropists, and artists, the museum has occupied its current location in New York's Central Park since 1880 in buildings designed by the American architect Richard Morris Hunt.  
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Holbein. Portrait of One of Wedigh Family, detail. Ghirlandaio. Portrait of a Lady, detail. Antonello da Messina. Portrait of a Young Man Weyden. Francesco d'Este, detail.

    The museum's collections, among the finest in the world, are divided into 18 curatorial departments. Each department is responsible for the acquisition, preservation, and exhibition of its works.

Memling. Tommaso Portinari, detail. Raphaelo Santi. Ritrato di Andrea Navagero e Agostino Beazzano, detail Memling. Wife Maria Portinari, detail.

     Over 3,000 European paintings, including works by Andrea Mantegna, Sandro Botticelli, and Bronzino; Jan van Eyck, Peter Paul Rubens, and Sir Anthony van Dyck; Rembrandt and Jan Vermeer; and El Greco and Francisco Goya make up this department's collection.

Van der Goes. Portrait of a Man. Ghirlandaio. Francesco Sasseti & Son, detail Rembrandt. Portrait of a Woman, detail Van Dyck. Portrait of a Man, detail.

    This page is dedicated to the portraits painted by the great masters of the past centuries, works of art that I especially like. Many of models are unknown, mostly nice people, who lived a long time ago and whose faces were preserved by the talent of artists of their generations. All presented stamps were issued in the year 1995, in order to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Rembrandt. Head of Christ, detail. Georges de la Tour. The Fortune Teller, detail. Memling. Portrait of a Young Man.

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