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Foreign Masters

Guyana. Antonello da Messina. Le Condottiere. Scott 2740g.

     There is only one thing that interests man,
 it's man.   Blaise Pascal. 

         All stamps on this page were issued in 1993, in order to commemorate the Bicentennial of the Louvre Museum. Tip: Point on the stamps with the mouse index for more information about the works of art displayed and about the stamps.

Uganda. Rembrandt. Self-portrait with an Easel. Scott 1125a. Guyana. Raphael. Jeanne d'Aragon. Scott 2743e. Guyana. Arcimboldo. Spring. Scott 2740c. Guyana.  Piero della Francesca. Sigismond Malatesta. Scott 2743h.

     They were issued by countries that are not related to the works of art shown, none of these wonderful work being exhibited in their museums.

Gambia, Leonardo da Vinci. The Virgin of the Rocks (detail). Scott 1354e.

Guyana. Leonardo da Vimci. Mona Lisa. Scott 2747.

Gambia, Leonardo da Vinci. Woman from the Court of Milan. Scott 1354f.

   But because the stamps are beautiful and most of them cannot be found on the stamps of other countries (or not in this quality), I have decided to put them on this  page. 

Dominica. Titian. An Allegory, Perhaps of Mariage. Scott 1542g.

Lesotho. Quentin Metsys. The Money Changer and His Wife. Scott 948.

Guyana. Ittenbach. Portrait of a Couple. Scott 2739c.

Guyana. Ghirlandaio. Old Man and Boy. Scott 2739f.

Guyana. F. Hals. The Bohemian Woman. Scott 2740h.

    I like them and I hope that you will like them too.

    Link: The Louvre Museum

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