Hermitage Paintings on Foreign Stamps

     Several countries, some of them in the not so distant past ideologically connected to the former USSR, have issued stamps reproducing the most renown works originating in the Hermitage paintings collection. Tip: Point on the stamps with the mouse index for more information about the works of art displayed and about the stamps. 

Malagasy, 1986. Hermitage and Raphael, The Holy Family. Sc. 761. Bulgaria, 1977. Rubens, Portrait of a Lady in Waiting (Clara Serena Rubens). Sc. 2447.

    Thanks to the Malagasy souvenir sheet we have the privilege to take a look at the interesting building of Hermitage. On the sheet one can read the earlier name of the city of St. Petersburg, an historical name that was changed by the Soviet state and later restored by the Russian post-communist government.

Malagasy, 1986. Rubens, Alliance of Earth and Water. Sc. 759. Malagasy, 1986. Rembrandt, Danae. Sc. 757. Malagasy, 1986. Rubens, Portrait of a Lady-in-Waiting of the Infant Isabella. Sc. 758. Uganda, 1994. The Conestabole Madonna. Sc. 1283.

    Unfortunately on these stamps are appearing mostly the same paintings that were already shown on the USSR stamp issues; this is understandable, because they are renown, but also a bit annoying because there are still so many other great paintings that could be displayed.

Mongolia, 1981. Rembrandt, Young Woman with Earings. Sc. 1196. Malagasy, 1986. Rembrandt, David and Urie. Sc. 756. Malagasy, 1986. Rembrandt, Portrait of an Old Man. Sc. 760. Mongolia, 1981. Rembrandt, Flora. Sc. 1194.

    But even so, the stamps are nice and I hope that you will enjoy them. Below there are presented some masterpieces from the Pushkin Museum of Moscow.

Malagasy, 1987. Joachim Bueckelaer, After the Market (1564). Sc. 831. Malagasy, 1987. Paolo Veronese, Minerva (1560).  Sc. 832.
Malagasy, 1987. Eugene Delacroix, After the Shipwreck (1847). Sc. 827.

    The paintings of the Pushkin Museum originates in the Hermitage painting collection; the paintings were moved in the 20th by the order of the Soviet government to the new capital of the USSR, Moscow.

Malagasy, 1987. Francois Boucher, Jupiter and Calisto (1744). Sc. 828. Malagasy, 1987. Frans Snyders, Still-life with Swan (c. 1620). Sc. 828. Malagasy, 1987. Jean Desire Goustav Courbet, Chalet in the Mountains(1874). Sc. 830. Antigua & Barbuda, 1994. Leonardo da Vinci, The Litta Madonna. Sc. 1860.


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