Stained-glass Windows

Stained Glass, translucent coloured glass used to compare designs in windows. The technique is similar to mosaic, the pieces of glass being held in strips of cast lead and mounted in a metal framework. Stained glass depends for its effect on light being transmitted through the translucent glass; thus the art is known as painting with light. It reached its zenith in Gothic architecture, most notably in France from about 1130 to 1330 (after Microsoft Encarta 1996).

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The Adoration of the Magi, by Marcillat Brussels, Royal Museums F. Leger. Sacre Coeur Church in Audincourt. Window in the Strassbourg Cathedral

Church Windows in Triesenberg

Modern Glass Paintings


Cathedral of St. John, Episcopal Coat of Arms

La belle  verriere, Chartres Cathedral

Detail from Rose Window, Chartres Cathedral

Detail from West Window, Chartres Cathedral

Cathedral of St. John, Arm of Rt. Rev. D.G. Davis, 1st bishop of Antigua


Sierra Leone. Stained-glass Windows.

Stained-glass Windows, by Marc Chagall

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