This is a Philatelic Webmasters Organization,  an organization thought for webmasters who create philatelic sites. We expect that only those webmasters join, who can propose sites showing some philatelic contents of interest. Please abstain if your pages are purely commercial, trade, just collections of links, etc., i.e. where a stamp collectors cannot learn/admire/love something of your site.

We don't expect that you are an expert in your philatelic field or that you have a degree in computing, that's why any stamps fan who wishes to show or to say something about stamps, and who presents a philatelic site (but not his quickly and dirty made 2-3 pages!) is kindly invited.

Please enter below information referring to sites names and URLs and not to individual pages (even if the pages treat different subjects)!!! Your name should appear several times on the list only if you, as a webmaster, have created and/or maintain several different philatelic sites.

Please note that your e-mail address will appear only in the Members Area and therefore will be accessible to PWO members only.

Please use the below form to join the Philatelic Webmasters Organization online. Read the Statutes before applying for PWO membership and apply only if you agree with them. If you were accepted, you can ask for your username and password, by e-mail. You can consider your candidature as accepted if your record stays a longer time on the members list.

You are required to provide a link from the first page of your site to the PWO, by using the image shown below, in order to make our organization known to other collectors and webmasters, and also to place the list better in the search engines. Please consider that you are also one who takes advantage of a better placement. If for some important reasons you cannot use this image on your first page, then display it on your links pages or on the page on which you, as webmaster, write about yourself.


You are required to link this image to It is also the (small) price that you have to pay for our effort of promoting the philatelic web mastering. In order to prevent the free riding, we'll be finally obliged to remove any site that doesn't link to PWO.

Let us know by e-mail if the URL of your site or your e-mail address changed. We will periodically remove the database records that aren't up to date!

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