You have entered the first site on the Web, published in 1999, that is fully dedicated to the fascinating topic of Art on Stamps. Some of the nicest stamps worldwide belong to the Art on Stamp topic and many of them are presented here.

I show above the painting "The Archduke William in His Gallery in Brussels", by David Teniers the Younger (1610 - 1690). This work of art is exhibited at the Historical Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna. On the left hand of the the archduke the artist painted himself.

But because many of  the original paintings on the wall were gradually replaced by more famous ones, shown on stamps, poor painter lost his head, which was finally replaced by the head of the author of this site.

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The images for the entry doors to the Art on Stamps subsites, in different languages, were taken from the work "From Morocco", a painting by the Swiss artist Heinz Grüter. This work is permanently exhibited in webmaster's personal art and stamps gallery.

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